Ia-32 pentium registers and addressing ppt

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The IA32 processor uses a oneor twostep process to convert a variablevariable s's logical address into a unique memory location. The first step combines a segment value (16bit, segment register) with a variables offset (32bit) to create a linear address.base and index can be any 32bit register. scale is a multiplication factor for the index register field. Its value may be 1, 2, 4, 8 to indicate the number to multiply by. The multiplication then occurs by 1, 2, 4, and 8. Refer to Intel's Programmer's Reference Manual for more details on IA32 addressing modes. ia-32 pentium registers and addressing ppt

IA32 (Pentium) Processor Architecture Call example The dump function can be called at any time by your program to display the contents of registers (including the EFLAGS register). Unlike other Windows functions, it preserves all of the callers registers.

Pentium registers Data Pointer and index Control Segment Real mode memory architecture Protected mode memory architecture 20bit address bus, 16bit data bus 8088 is a less expensive version Uses 8bit data bus Can address up to 4 segments of 64 KB Referred to as the real mode. In the flat memory model, the segment registers point to the same address, and all 4 GBytes addressable space within each segment are accessible to the software programmer. The original 16bit instructions were enhanced with new 32bit operand INTRODUCTION TO THE IA32 INTEL ARCHITECTURE The Intel Pentium Pro processor was the firstia-32 pentium registers and addressing ppt IA32 (x86) Architecture History. As technology improved over the years, there developed a race to get the first (usable) processors on a single integrated circuit. When able to place approximately 10, 000 transistors on a single IC, then we have just about enough circuitry to

Pentium 4 and IA32 ISA Lectured by Dr. V. Agrawal. Kyungseok Kim. Nov. 3, 2006. IA32 8086, 8088 in DOS Addressing only the first 1MB of memory Segment address Offset address PowerPoint PPT presentation free to view ia-32 pentium registers and addressing ppt Modes, Registers and Addressing and Arithmetic Instructions CS 217 2 Revisit IA32 General Registers 8 32bit generalpurpose registers (e. g. EAX) Each lowerhalf can be addressed as a 16bit register (e. g. AX) Each 16bit register can be addressed as two 8bit registers (e. g AH and HL) EAX: Accumulator for operands, results IA32 (AKA Pentium) Instructions combines with the RM field (3 bit) to form 2532 possible values: eight registers and 24 addressing modes. The RegOpcode field (3 bits) specifies either a register number or three more bits of opcode information. PowerPoint Presentation Type 1 PowerPoint Presentation PowerPoint Presentation PowerPoint Presentation Outline Basic Computer Organization Intel Microprocessors IA32 Registers Instruction Execution Cycle IA32 Memory Management Basic Computer Organization Since the 1940's, computers have 3 classic components: Processor, called also the CPU (Central Processing Unit) Memory and Storage Devices IO Devices Interconnected with one or Intel uses IA32 to refer to Pentium processor family, in order to distinguish them from their 64bit architectures. 1. 1 Modes The 1A32 processor has three operating modes: Realaddress mode. This mode lets the processor to address real memory address. It can address up to 1Mbytes of memory (20bit of address).

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