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2019-12-09 16:13

If you want to play it safe, go for a nude lipstick and top it with a lip gloss. Nude lipstick is the best choice when you have an unusual dress color and dont want to look over the top. Blue dress Coral lipstick. Blue, opposite to purple, goes well with many colors they just have to be warmtoned.Lipsticks to Go with Royal Blue Dresses. Girls with dusky skin tones should try a peachy red lipstick. For fair to medium skin tones, royal red and fuchsia lipsticks are suitable. Velvety pink lipstick is perfect for makeup matching blue dresses for evening events (do not forget a royal blue nail polish and a bright pink clutch or other accessories). lip color to go with blue dress

Mar 10, 2011 don't wear red lipstick it won't complement your dress(: go for a more neutral color like a nude brownishpink if you look at photo's of celebrities on the red carpet with blue dresses you'll find that they all wear nude lipstick.

May 26, 2019 White high heels is another color that will not overpower the dress what color lipstick goes with a light blue dress makeupview co a baby blue dress is such dainty but lovely color so you would want to pair it with neutral for high heels wedge sandals as you can also check out this vlog and find the best suited shoes for your dress add swag to Oct 23, 2017 Peachy red lipstick: Another color which would go well with all kind of blue clothes is peachy red lipstick. Peachy red lipstick is generally suitable for girls with dusky skin tone. It comes with a strong hint of a red and low note of peachy shade in it. It looks good on lips and would surely complement your blue dress.lip color to go with blue dress Feb 22, 2012 Best Answer: Wear a neutral colored lipstick. A nude pink will look pretty if it matches your lips. A nude pink will look pretty if it matches your lips. Don't do a dark lip because royal blue is such a bold color, you don't want to overdo it.

May 26, 2019 What color lipstick suits a navy blue dress or shirt quora 6 amazing makeup tips and ideas for blue dress the best colors for your skin tone 2018 1 how to what lipstick should i wear with a navy blue dress quora. Whats people lookup in this blog: lip color to go with blue dress

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