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Apr 06, 2008 Safest way to remove address label from magazine? I have old magazines I want to frame, but they still have the address label on them. The mags are 3040 yrs old, any ideas on how to remove label without ripping the cover?Mar 07, 2014 It's a little too easy to get into most magazine subscribers' online accounts. Why You Need To Rip The Mailing Label Off Magazines As Soon As They Arrive remove magazine address label

However, newer magazines have a mailing address printed directly on the magazine itself! I've tested on some magazines, and can't find a way to remove this

Magazines received in the mail usually have mailing labels on the bottom of the cover. Most have the same basic information, including your address, subscription number and when the subscription expires. Follow a few simple guidelines to decipher magazine labels. Most have address labels on them. Few have the old paper labels, that can come off. But the majority of them have the address printed directly on the covers. How should I handle the address situation? Cross out the address using a marker? I see many other magazines listed like this. Should I use a address blackout stamper?remove magazine address label Aug 07, 2009 Removing stickers, tape, and labels with undu. How to Remove Stickers, Tags and Labels Easily! Scotty Peeler, Goo Gone and Hair Dryer!

How to Remove Sticky Labels From Magazines. Use an adhesive remover such as Goo Gone or undu to remove the label and the sticky residue from the magazine cover. Use Goo Gone on thick, high gloss magazine covers; this product can damage lowquality covers. Undu is safe to use on most surfaces and does not leave a visible residue behind once it dries completely. remove magazine address label Nov 22, 2007 Phillyman. Once the label is removed there may still be some glue residue left on the magazine cover. This glue can re adhere to other pages, I mention this because I usually remove address labels far in advance from the actual debinding of the magazine. If you remove the address label and stack other magazines on top of each other, Mar 15, 2006 I've found that most mailing labels on older magazines are pretty permanent, and have not found an effective method to remove them. It's a combination of cheaper paper stock on the cover, and type of adhesive used on the label. Remove Magazine Labels. 1Which organization you belong and locate its address, nature and type of organization, dues, required experience to join, genders allowed, its affiliations, web site, and contact info. 2The organizations nature can in turn provide clues about you, Jul 21, 2009  Should I remove address labels from magazine and catalogs before recycling them? I wonder what the risks are to leaving my address labels on magazines

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