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Nov 16, 2016  address. displayname appears to mutate the string encoding in some cases, so if you plan on using name later on, e. g. in rails mailer views, do address. displayname name. dup Eero Nov 1 '13 at 11: 52. 5. It looks like the Mail gem now dupes the string passed in, so name. dup doesn't seem necessary anymore.How to use phpmailer to send email to multiple addresses one by one? PHP mailer multiple address. 101. Should I use the ReplyTo header when sending emails as a service to others? 1828. How does PHP 'foreach' actually work? 1. how to send emails to multiple addresses using phpmailer. 1. rails mailer to multiple addresses

Creates a mailto link tag to the specified emailaddress, which is also used as the name of the link unless name is specified. Additional HTML attributes for the link can be passed in htmloptions. . mailto has several methods for customizing the email itself by passing special keys to htmloptions. . Options: subject Preset the subject line of the email.

how to send emails to multiple addresses using phpmailer. Ask Question 1. 1. I am trying to send emails to multiple email addresses using php mailer but its not working. I've tried explode the addresses but nothing seems to work. here is my code. html: Oct 20, 2012 It seems that the problem is that each instance of the Mailer can only send one email. Perhaps the mail object is falling out of scope and getting cleaned up by the garbage collector The solution that worked was to iterate over the users outside of the Mailer, and call it once for each user.rails mailer to multiple addresses Jan 06, 2018  In the Rails guides (Action Mailer Basics) it says the following regarding multiple emails: The list of emails can be an array of email addresses or a single string with the addresses separated by commas. So both [email protected] com, [email protected] com

trying to pull email addresses from database: def deliver @subscription @users @subscription. users @recipients How to pull multiple email recipients in ActionMailer Rails rails mailer to multiple addresses Mailer Models. A mailer model defines methods used to generate an email message. In these methods, you can setup variables to be used in the mailer views, options on the mail itself such as the: from address, and attachments. class ApplicationMailer ActionMailer: : Base default from: '[email protected] com' layout 'mailer' end class NotifierMailer Oct 08, 2013  I am a user model and in my view I have: @user currentuser User model have an attribute with name email . and I want send one email to multiple email address with a sampleemail takes user parameters and sends email using method mail to email address of user. In case you want to know about more features like attachment and multiple receivers, you can check out rails guide in the reference section. Now lets write the mail we want to send to our users, and this can be done in Action Mailer is the Rails component that enables applications to send and receive emails. In this chapter, we will see how to send an email using Rails. Lets start creating an emails project using the following command. . tp rails new mailtest This will create the required framework to proceed.

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