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2020-01-29 04:29

Dec 01, 2015  Wai Ching's signature Zolotova dress You've heard me express my undying love for Chrissy WaiChing 's colorful wedding dresses year after year after year after year. It's not just me who's obsessed we have an entire tag full of brides wearing these fashionable works of art.Nov 25, 2017  We dont know WaiChings story by heart. Message them to get to know more about their business. Chrissy is a true artist! She designed two items for our wedding: my skirt (a custom design) and my wifes dress (a modified Esther dress). Early on, we both tried on traditional white wedding wai-ching wedding dress

Nov 19, 2010  Now, if you're not familiar with WaiChing's wedding designs, you're in luck because Chrissy WaiChing has contacted us with some of her recent wedding dresses worn by actual brides on their actual offbeat wedding As you may already know, WaiChing caters to the offbeat bride by providing highly customizable, colorful and imaginative dresses

This original wedding dress is absolutely gorgeous! Truly one of a kind, WaiChing hand makes all her stunning, highly sought after dresses and this beauty is based on both the Dahlia and L'Arbre dresses listed on her website. The dress was only worn once for my wedding Custom WaiChing Zolotova dress, worn once. Includes: Ivory bodice Mostly dark purples in skirt, some gold maroon, and brown A line skirt Criss cross back halter Closed lace up back with dark purple ribbon Midcalf Tea length dress (I am 5'2 )wai-ching wedding dress Buy high quality Wai Ching Wedding Dresses at an affordable price! Our new, handmade and exquisite dresses will fit for every occasion.

115 Prefontaine Place South Suite 605 Seattle, WA (206) [email protected] com wai-ching wedding dress I could not say enough glowing things about Chrissy, the designer at WaiChing. I wanted a dress that had color, but still felt bridal. She is the only designer I could find that accomplished this so amazingly. Julie C. I highly recommend anyone considering ordering a dress who can't make the trip to Seattle, go ahead and order I still haven't decided if I want to take the WaiChing plunge (choosing a wedding dress IS a big decision, after all), but if I do I will be fully confident in my purchase. Go indie brides go! For my wedding, I wanted a dress that was elegant, simple, but unique and I was so fortunate to find out about Chrissy online. WaiChing provides eco friendly bridalwear, custom clothing, and kimonos in silk, hemp, and other natural fibers. All the pieces are handmade in Seattle. We offer custom fits and designs, as well as custom colors and embroidery. WaiChing. Upon its debut, WaiChing has revolutionized the wedding dress. Using exclusively organic, handdyed silk, and trained in the art of couture, Chrissy has created bridal wear that astonishes. Sexy, exotic, and fiercely colorful, WaiChing has elevated the wedding dress

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